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Makeda hand/shoulder bag

This absolutely stunning bag is made with leather fabric, cowry shells, cotton fabric and cord. The bag was made by hand.

130,00 incl.btw

Bucket Zulu Hat

Handwoven bucket Zulu hat. Made with Cowry shells and African print. The handwoven cape is also available in our shop.

235,00 incl.btw

Ank dress

Ank shaped dress made out of stretchable fabric and hundreds of cowry shells that were attached on the dress by hand. Size: The size starts at 38 - 42  ( EU/NL sizes)  

725,00 incl.btw

Amara dress

Amara dress meaning "grace" is a dress made out of hundreds of cowry shells that have been applied by hand. The long strokes in the front make for a spectacular view. A real head turner! Size: 36 - 44 EU NL The fabric is stretchable. The hat and hatband can be ordered separately in the shop.

765,00 incl.btw